Indulge your inner gourmet with our superior quality duck and quail products

Who we are

Merriducks supply great tasting duck and quail products fresh from the Natal Midlands.

Peter Earle moved to Merrivale in August 2012 after selling his farm in the Eastern Cape. He brings with him over 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry. 

Peter has always had a great interest in rearing peking ducks which is why he started Merriducks. In 2018 quail was introduced to the duck and now we have more on offer for you! 

What we do

We supply a number of restaurants, supermarkets, butcheries and distributors with a full range of duck and quail products. Ducks are very versatile animals, producing great tasting meat and generously sized eggs. Our quail brings in a bit of variety and is considered to be a delicacy around many parts of the world.

We understand that our customers have unique requirements and therefore we are happy to tailor our products to meet your exacting standards wherever possible. We are always excited to hear from you so please get in touch should you need a duck supplier!


Our highest priority is to ensure that our ducks are happy. Happy Ducks = Happy Peter! 

We believe in putting the well-being of our ducks before anything else to ensure that they are of a high quality. Our ducks are therefore free-range and are looked after with the greatest amount of care. They are well fed on high quality grain and what ever they are able to forage. This ensures that their meat is flavoursome.